Diabetes Educators and Telehealth

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Managing diabetes is a complex task. You’re keeping an eye on insulin doses and other medications, blood sugar readings, dietary choices and the impact of exercise and stress.

Your patients need your help. But they’re also trying to hold down jobs, manage families and enjoy life. They don’t necessarily have the time to get to regular appointments, even though they’d benefit from your regular input.

That’s where telehealth comes in. In an era of remote monitoring devices and smartphone apps, telehealth is a great way to maximise diabetes care. Here’s how it can help you and your patients.



Telehealth is soooooo convenient. Your patients don’t have to arrange time off work, find babysitters or fight traffic to benefit from your advice.
They simply set aside time in their calendar for a video call, just like many other meetings throughout their work day.

It takes a lot of time to manage diabetes. Your patients have to attend regular foot checks, eye checks, blood tests, dietician sessions, nurse educator appointments and endocrinologist consultations.

That’s a lot of time off work. It’s no wonder patients let some appointments slide and so miss out on the care they need.

Telehealth overcomes the time cost of ongoing care. That convenience means patients are more likely to keep their appointments, giving you the opportunity to work with them to improve their blood glucose levels.


Remote monitoring

Today’s CGM, flash glucose monitoring devices and insulin pumps mean you can access your patients’ blood glucose readings and insulin doses without needing to see them in person. You simply login and look at their data.

If you have patients who prefer an old-school BGL and insulin diary, you can ask them to scan and email the pages to you before the appointment.


Continuity of care

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that your patients have to think about all day every day. Wherever they go, it goes with them.

But you don’t. If your patient moves house, goes travelling or starts uni in a different city, they lose their connection with you.

Telehealth enables continuity of care. Your patient doesn’t need to be within driving distance of your clinic. They just need an internet connection.

That’s especially significant if your patients live in rural and remote areas where the diabetes-related death rate is twice that of the major cities.


Building trust

Living with diabetes can be relentless. It affects every decision regarding food or exercise,  influences participation in social events and increases the risk of depression and anxiety.

Many people with diabetes live with feelings of frustration, failure and self-blame. They may fear ‘failing’ their blood tests, or have been labelled as ‘poorly controlled’ or ‘non-compliant’ in the past.

Trust matters in chronic disease care. It helps patients to open up about their struggles with unhealthy eating patterns, their hopes for a safe pregnancy or their fears and frustrations about how diabetes affects their lives.

Those honest, vulnerable conversations open the doorway to better, more holistic care.

Trust doesn’t happen instantly. It grows slowly over time. Telehealth consultations enable you to keep checking in with your patients without inconveniencing them. Telehealth provides the opportunity for trust to grow.


Telehealth with Therago

Therago is a new booking app that connects patients looking for telehealth appointments, after-hours care or home visits with allied health professionals.

It’s a great way to provide telehealth to your patients, building a trusting relationship that helps them to optimise their diabetes management and improve their quality of life.

As a Therago member, you keep every cent you earn through the platform. That’s your money and we don’t touch it. All we charge is the monthly membership fee.

It’s a great way for you to boost your income and extend your reach to a new group of patients.


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