Flexible Allied Health: 6 Ways You Benefit

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Flexibility has become something of a buzzword recently. Maybe you’re doing yoga to have a more flexible body or challenging your thoughts to develop a more flexible mindset. Perhaps you’ve made use of a flexible payment plan for a recent purchase. Or maybe you’re looking for a job with more flexible hours.

Is your allied healthcare flexible, though? Does it suit the way you live and work now?

Often, the answer is no. Therago is trying to change that.

What Is Therago?

Therago is a new directory site and booking app dedicated to allied health. It’ll connect you to allied health providers like physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech therapists or dietitians who offer after hours consultations, home visits or telehealth services.

How Does Therago Help Me?

Therago has many benefits for patients. Here are the top 6.

1. After hours care

Do you work 9-5? Of course, you don’t – nobody does anymore.

Maybe you work shifts in the retail, hospitality, healthcare or leisure sectors. Perhaps you work crazy hours in the business world. Maybe your job is insecure and there’s no way you want to rock the boat by asking for time off to get to an allied health appointment.

Therago means you can book the right care at a time that suits your lifestyle. Your physio can see you before you go to work or your podiatrist can call in and soothe your feet at the end of your shift.

2. Telehealth

Going to a clinic appointment takes so much time!

The appointment itself is time well spent. But all the other stuff around it is just a drain on your schedule. There’s the drive to the clinic, the hunt for a parking space, the time spent waiting for the therapist once you’re there.

A telehealth appointment through Therago saves you that time. You choose a provider, book a telehealth appointment then carry on with your day until right before your appointment. After that, you get the help you need through a phone call or video call and go immediately back to your life once you hang up.

3. Your place

Some things can’t easily be dealt with through telehealth. There will be times when you need hands-on care from your therapist – but that doesn’t mean you have to endure the hassle of getting to an appointment.

Therago lets you book a home visit with your chosen therapist. It’s wonderfully convenient.

4. Fewer barriers to care

Allied healthcare delivered after hours, in home or through telehealth removes many barriers to care. You no longer need to put up with that sore shoulder because you can’t get to the physio. Now, you can find a physio who will come to you.

It means allied healthcare is much more accessible than it has traditionally been. You’re more able to get the care you need because the new, flexible approach suits your lifestyle and means there’s a therapist available in a convenient manner.

5. More options

Therago gives you more options. Your choices are no longer restricted to the allied health providers who are close to your home or workplace. You can use any allied health provider who is willing to travel to your place or who provides telehealth services.

6. When it’s urgent      

Thanks to hospital emergency departments, you can always get medical care in an emergency. But what happens if you have an urgent need for therapy after the clinic has closed?

Therago means you can find a therapist near you who offers after hours consultations. It gives you the chance to find a physio who’ll treat your seized-up back on a Friday night.

The therapists on Therago are not on call so they don’t have to accept your emergency booking but they’re healthcare professionals who want to help patients so, even if they can’t come straight away, they’ll be able to book you in as soon as possible.

Sign Up With Therago

Flexible allied healthcare sounds good, doesn’t it? If you’d like to try it, then download the Therago app from the App Store or Google Play and set up your patient profile. Next time you need it, allied healthcare will be a whole lot easier to access.


All information is general in nature. Patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion.

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