Using Therago, patients can find the following services



Find an allied health professional near you, who provides care after hours on weekdays and weekends.


Home visits

Find an allied health professional near your, who provides mobile care, coming to your place of residence.


Remote consultation

Find an allied health professional who provides consultations remotely over the phone, video or online.

Services that are loved by our clients.

At Therago, we are proud of our commitment to provide flexibility to both patients and allied health professionals. We hope your experience with us is a pleasant one. If you have any feedback or complaints, please contact us

A modern approach to healthcare

Therago has been designed to meet current healthcare demands, by facilitating improved and flexible access to allied healthcare.

Therago connects patients with allied healthcare providers from a range of services, who provide after hours, home visiting or video-conference calling consultations. Patients simply search for the service and location that they desire, and then Therago does the rest! Patients will instantly be directed to professionals who can meet their needs.

For allied health professionals, Therago is determined to provide flexibility and control, so that they can operate at a schedule and pace that works for them.

Modern healthcare deserves a modern approach. Welcome to Therago!

Professional health services

There are dozens of professional health services provided by particitioners on Therago. Here are some.

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